Optimizing the Navigating Adversity Journey

Optimizing the Navigating Adversity Journey

By Rodger Ruge, Pathfinder Resilience Senior Mentor

Successful people in any industry, career or culture share a common, foundational practice that is essential in helping them achieve their dreams, desires and goals. This practice maximizes the investment of their most precious resources, time and energy, and ensures the best possible result. Pick anyone you are familiar with who has achieved success. Movie stars, professional athletes, business icons…and all of them will tell you they could not have achieved anything of significance without the help of their mentors.

This is precisely why the Navigating Adversity program offers our learners access to this essential resource through a cadre of experienced, highly trained and dedicated mentors. Our experience has proven the most successful learners who have been through our program use their assigned mentor to maximum advantage. Let’s look at some of the most important contributions provided by a mentor and why we highly recommend you access this vital resource.

Confidentiality. Every mentor is committed to our iron-clad confidentiality agreement, a cornerstone of every mentor/mentee relationship. You can feel secure knowing your mentor has your back and will always protect your confidentiality. This will allow you to take a deep dive into the course materials and exercises knowing what you experience will be yours and yours alone.

Professionalism. Your success is our mission, and professionalism is the foundation of the mentorship program. Each mentor is a highly trained and dedicated expert with vast experience. They walk the talk when it comes to living a life steadfast to the principles of optimizing resilience. Each mentor has been through Navigating Adversity so they personally understand what you will experience on your journey. Their professional guidance will enhance your experience.

Time and energy. Let’s face a fact, while you are going through the Navigating Adversity program life will continue to happen. Your personal and professional lives are busy, so effectively managing your time and energy while you are experiencing the program is essential. Your mentor can streamline the process, adjust what needs addressing in real time and help keep your momentum moving forward so you stay on course and energized throughout the process.

Accountability. Simply stated, we have your back! A critical role of our mentors is becoming your personal accountability partner. Knowing you have someone to support you every step of the way is what makes the Navigating Adversity journey extraordinary, and it insures you get the best possible return on your investment of time and energy.

Roadblocks and obstacles. The Navigating Adversity program is designed to challenge you in many ways in order to create significant resilience improvements in your personal and professional life. It is not an understatement to say these shifts have the potential to be life-altering in so many positive ways. Why ‘potential’? Well, the real challenge is when we are making changes to different areas of our lives, we often run into roadblocks and obstacles on that path. These ‘bumps-in-the-road’ can be smoothed out by your mentor who has guided many students who came before you through similar circumstances – a key to overcoming challenges.

Expanding Results. How you do anything is how you do everything. Minimal effort yields minimal results. Maximum, focused effort yields maximum, next-level results. Involving your mentor helps to move your Navigating Adversity experience from good to great. Your mentor can offer new ideas, information, validation, resources and unique perspectives which helps you achieve new levels of realization which are difficult to access on our own. This will significantly expand what you get out of the experience.

Sustainable change. The Navigating Adversity program is designed to sustain the results you experience after the journey ends. One of the greatest challenges our learners face is returning to the same environment they had when they came into the program. Perhaps a work environment is toxic, or a personal challenge exists. While the learner has changed, those circumstances have remained the same. Imagine a level of self-resilience so bulletproof you will feel empowered to go back into your personal and professional life fully aligned with the shifts you have created. That is a total game-changer and a result your mentor can help you anchor to maximum effect.

The Navigating Adversity program is an extraordinary journey of self-discovery that will empower you to optimal resilience. The best possible result, the greatest return on your investment of time and energy, can be realized by utilizing your mentor, and in so doing you will discover what all successful people have discovered; mentors help you achieve incredible, game-changing results.

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