Culture Change

The attempt to change a culture is a grand and incredibly important undertaking, particularly when the focus is on improving career and life conditions for public safety professionals. Our approach begins with the organization's branding messaging, continues through the hiring and onboarding process, trains a common language, develops high-performing teams with dedicated leaders, and expands the impact outward into the community. True culture change takes time and leaves no stone unturned...but the results are lifechanging.

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Today's candidate pool not only brings a unique skill set to the public safety profession, they seek deeper, meaningful career experiences than any generation prior. By uncovering the values that lead your organization, we develop and deliver a personalized branding campaign that appeals to your ideal candidates and reaches them where they are.



The onboarding process is the best first step to aligning the unique talents of your new hires with the DNA of your department. Not only do we focus on policies and procedures, we incorporate followership and values alignment training into the curriculum. Onboarding is an excellent opportunity to identify future leaders as well as those who are not as good a fit as initially thought.


Creating a Common Wellness Language

Wellness does not have to be the fluid concept it has traditionally been. The Navigating Adversity training course puts self-care front and center for each person and our team helps your organization develop accountability tools that reinforce and continue to encourage proper self-care habits for your workforce. True culture change cannot happen if the home support system is ignored, which is why we provide self-care training for loved ones, too!

Reaching Out to the Sun

Wellness Ambassadors

Once the common language around the eight dimensions of wellness is established, we further train specially chosen individuals from your workforce in the art of reinforcing and encouraging the regular practice of self-care. Embedding these force multipliers into the fabric of the department socializes wellness while reminding all employees of the departmental resources that are available to them, such as EAP, peer support, chaplaincy services, financial management, and more.

All Hands In

Leading High-Performance Teams

Leading teams in high-stress environments takes development and practice. Our long-term approach to developing leaders includes training in understanding the strengths of followers, communication skills, conflict resolution, upward feedback, and coaching. Leaders focused on developing high-performance teams embrace opportunities to build resilience and out perform expectations.

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Executive Leadership Development

Strategically leading a wellness culture happens best when leaders are courageous enough to pioneer a new way forward. Learning to navigate the personalities while making positive adjustments to the culture can be a delicate process. Our focus is on supporting leaders willing to master new communication strategies and performance improvement policies that reinforce the why behind the change in the way things have always been done.

Partnering with Leaders to Build Wellness Cultures

Our continuous improvement process allows for data collection that reveals exactly how well the strategy is working throughout the entire journey, so if we need to adjust our approach, we can. Our goal is to make sure you have every resource needed to establish a legacy of wellness, diversity, and unity inside the department, at home, and in the community you serve.

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